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Daniel Silva, Chief Innovation Officer & Magdalah Silva, President and Chief Executive Officer
Even before websites became a rage in the US, two visionary minds, Magdalah Silva and Daniel Silva, set out to create a lasting impact on the communities, businesses, and, more importantly, every individual—using technology. Their vision materialized in 1994 as they established DMS International, a management and IT services firm. Steadily expanding its team of talented and purpose-driven people and consistently refining its processes and strategies along the journey, the duo has led DMS to become the trusted IT services and learning and development partner for many federal government agencies and commercial organizations. “We are committed to delivering value that our clients can measure. We feel gratified when we know that our approach to professional development not only enables employees to perform to their maximum potential but also enhances organizational performance,” says Magdalah, President and CEO of DMS. Today, DMS provides a cornucopia of services focusing on the future of work and digital transformation.

The company’s services include advisory services, program management, IT services, automation, and a gamut of virtual learning support services, including design and production of virtual worlds and integrated learning analytics. As markets are always in a constant state of flux, in varying degrees, governments and businesses find it daunting to upskill their teams consistently and complete projects on time. And the current COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the professional development field and learning in a physical classroom. Organizations are rushing to relearn, readapt, and retool to build the necessary infrastructure and sustain continuous process improvement in this new paradigm. They are facing tremendous challenges in engaging their remote employees while keeping their systems and networks free from sophisticated online predators.

“Our strategy is to operate as an exponential organization by leveraging technology assets, maximizing the benefits of automation, using algorithms, expanding our team of high-quality talent with staff on demand and using analytics and dashboards to monitor the quality of our deliverables,” says Daniel, Chief Innovation Officer of DMS.
In the areas of digital transformation, DMS ensures that the user design is at the forefront of its solutions so that employees have a positive user experience. The idea is that when redundant activities are reduced, and the engagement with the applications are professionally designed, creativity will flourish to benefit the organization. And on the learning side, its services facilitate the enhancement of the virtual learning experience with a focus on the design of virtual worlds and the use of augmented and virtual reality tools. To take its value delivery to the next level, DMS is currently developing a state-of-the-art virtual production studio to support digital transformation, virtual instruction, and simulations on the future of work.

Imagine the future of work which is not only good for a company and their employees but also for the planet?

Its “innovation lab” is an R&D department where ideas are brainstormed and products tested. This is to facilitate high-speed impact for their customers, allowing them to adapt to a rapidly changing world. That is where it all starts before being introduced as a solution. The company often tests the solutions internally and has automated its internal processes and encourages its employees to bring creative ideas to the table to improve its operational efficiency, which help in improving business results for its customers.

“At the end of the day, what really drives us is the zeal to transform organizations and fulfill our corporate social responsibility mission of contributing to a clean planet. We want to bring value to our clients, and, through automation, allow creativity to flourish at all levels so that they can re-think how they use products in terms of the impact on the environment—that is a triple bonus. For us, there is a direct correlation between high returns and CSR. Imagine the future of work which is not only good for a company and their employees but also for the planet. Who could ask for anything more?” says Magdalah.

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Silver Spring, MD

Daniel Silva, Chief Innovation Officer & Magdalah Silva, President and Chief Executive Officer

DMS International, an award-winning professional services firm with over 25 years of experience in delivering business solutions to both government and commercial clients, comprises a team of experienced learning architects, certified program managers, analysts, and instructional designers that prepare clients’ workforce to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. The company produces creative, unique and engaging learning experiences that enhance capabilities of the workforce. DMS’ team stays on the leading-edge of disruption to make client organizations and workforce ready for the future. DMS is continually engaged in cultivating human performance with a measured dosage of exponential technology to optimize the productivity of organizations. Team DMS has an uncompromising focus to mission completion, quality standards, and a clear commitment to service

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