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Robert Hessel, CEO
As protectionist barriers crumble in global business markets, companies are full steam ahead to enable global expansion, hone business skills, and spearhead product innovation initiatives. En route extending their value proposition and reaching out to more customers, companies are painfully aware that they lack the workforce to deploy cutting-edge technologies for delivering their services across the world. Changing the industry narrative, Source 1 Solutions is helping companies to bridge this gap with its global IT solutions. Specializing in managed IT and white-label services, Source 1 Solutions was founded with a singular focus on assisting the clients in extending their technical capabilities and expanding their geographic reach. “We serve as an extension of our client’s IT team to cover all aspects of their needs including lifecycle management, managed services, managed security, and business continuity,” says Robert Hessel, CEO, Source 1 Solutions.

Hessel underscores that the companies lack the bench strength and are budget-strapped to employ engineers—who are billable even when there are no projects—from across the globe. It’s difficult for companies to carry a bench and have their engineers all over the world. “We provide our managed IT services in 110 countries across the globe. Our extensive network of strategic partners specialize in supply chain management, unified communications, data networking, WiFi, data centers, electronic security, and network security,” states Hessel before highlighting that Source 1 Solutions does not bind its customers to contracts and help them control their budgets and maintain profitability with its pay-per-use model.

Hessel acknowledges that every customer is unique with their set of demands and needs. To this end, Source 1 Solutions identifies that uniqueness and caters to them with its highly customized services. The company’s in-house solutions architects work closely with the clients to understand the overall scope of their project. This is followed by drafting a clean and descriptive scope of work to ensure every stakeholder is on the same page. The uniqueness of Source 1 Solutions stems from the fact that all their projects are supported by its US-based Network Operations Center that provides 24x7 and 365-day supervision, monitoring, and management of the networks and servers.

We provide our managed IT services in 110 countries across the globe

Moreover, for every single query, instead of answering machines or outsourcing to other countries, the company provides Tier 1 engineers to solve clients’ problems in real-time. While managing the global projects, Source 1 Solutions maintains a level of consistency wherein ticketing and software systems ensure that customers have visibility into the process. “We benchmark our employees in the network operations center as they manage to solve 90 percent of all tickets that are opened on the first call, thus, eliminating the need for escalating the issue to Level 2 or Level 3 engineers,” adds Hessel.

Highlighting Source 1 Solutions’ efficiency, Hessel cites a case study wherein they were chosen for installation and post-deployment survey using Cisco Wireless Technologies for a global retailer. The company created a predictive WLAN design based on the supplied information, using the approved tools and adjusted free parameters as per the needs of the client. Their services included post-deployment verification surveys to verify WiFi coverage after the installation of new wireless infrastructure as well as production and delivery of post-deployment reports. All this was done using AirMagnet software tool and end customer information and site plans in AutoCAD. The project was awarded to Source 1 over several other organizations as they had a global reach from an on-site perspective, which is their core competency.

Scripting similar success stories, Source 1 Solutions have witnessed a 100 percent growth in the last three years and are doing more project-based work to expand to a few more market places.

Source 1 Solutions

Clearwater, FL

Robert Hessel, CEO

Source 1 Solutions provides white label solutions to organizations and specializes in managing IT Services. Their white label services are efficient for companies to increase their profitability. The sole purpose of their existence is to help their clients expand their technical capabilities and extend their geographic reach. The company offers 24x7, and 365-day supports Network Operations center and don’t outsource from other countries. Source 1 Solutions plans to become the IT partner that organizations desire and assist in upgrading the way a business works through the transformative power of their latest technologies

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