TachTech: Fostering a Frictionless IT Environment

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO The race is on for CIOs to bring the right tools on board to steer their companies in the right direction with no room for error. In the evolving enterprise IT landscape, CIOs are under constant pressure to shift gears from technology-centricity and information management to building technology-empowered business strategies and information intelligence. In the words of Kyle Rosenthal, Founder and CEO at TachTech, “CIOs demand that solution providers possess deep expertise across the IT landscape, high innovation IQ, and the know how to execute globally.” Combining all the three traits, along with proven thought leadership, solutions, and services, Tach Tech provides a risk appropriate and timely route to the business and technical transformation demanded by the marketplace. The San Francisco, CA based company is known for developing IT strategies and solutions that assist CIOs in their IT expedition through four pillars of information technology: networking, storage, security, and virtualization.

With more than two decades of expertise in IT, Rosenthal envisions TachTech's mission as to "help organizations tackle the challenges associated with transformative IT.” In an era when improved economics for processing, storage, and networking are leading to innovations in software design, TachTech helps clients build a future-proof IT ecosystem powered by resource availability. Integrating multiple trends, this IT environment is built to support advances in areas ranging from machine learning, automation, and Software Defined Network to Artificial Intelligence along with the continued growth of data that result from this technology innovation curve.

Leaving the Legacy Approaches Behind

TachTech enables IT infrastructure transformation by helping organizations build highly integrated hybrid and hyperconverged service offerings, with both commercial and open source technologies, utilizing major vendors and/or white box solutions. “Whether virtualization is handled via OpenStack, VMWare, or containers, when it comes to monitoring these solutions at scale, legacy approaches simply don’t cut it in terms of cost or technical scale,” says Rosenthal. TachTech's approach helps clients get past the old school methods of break-fix, artful capacity planning, and ineffective approaches to dealing with tough-to-diagnose intermittent issues. This is achieved through real-time visibility and improved analytics across all layers of application and infrastructure. All these services are complemented with a solid global logistics foundation for international deployment.

The objectives of the security vendor community and the true needs of organizations are often misaligned. It is both TachTech's and my personal mission to change that

The proactive business approach, unique access to technical resources, and the global reach have allowed TachTech to gain an edge in the industry and earn a solid reputation in a highly competitive market of web scale service providers. “Part of it is fortunate timing; we happen to be the right size at the right time to offer tailored services to our clients during a transformation of the IT sector when such services are in high demand,” says Rosenthal. "Clients expect us to offer them the global reach delivered by huge companies while aggressively aligning with their unique business needs and constraints.” TachTech is successful in delivering that reach. For instance, the company's global logistics division has developed into a huge success and solid differentiator for them today.

A Robust Security Stack

While taking care of the IT infrastructure needs of clients on the one hand, TachTech aligns technology, people, and processes of their clients’ security programs on the other. In many cases, businesses eagerly look to technology budget and products in the hope of gaining better security. “Exacerbating the problem [or “situation”], the reality is that the objectives of a security vendor community and the true needs of organizations are often misaligned, and it is both TachTech’s and my personal mission to change that,” assures Rosenthal. Adhering to the approach that the risk-based security initiatives and capabilities should be compartmentalized, TachTech helps clients build a trusted net¬work of providers who work well together, the end result being a more functional and cost-effective solution than utilizing a one-stop security-focused provider. TachTech’s strong risk-based information security program focuses on critical controls and processes, and integrates appropriate technology to meet the clients’ unique needs. These programs build meaningful quantitative measurement, and define continual improvement processes to improve and adapt when needed.

A Solid Strategy for Workload Optimization

Apart from having a robust security stack, today’s CIOs cast a sharp eye on gaining a solid strategy for workload optimization.
“CIOs are worried about where and when workloads can best run with performance and cost considerations, and how the results can be best measured to drive future business decisions and automation,” says Rosenthal.

For optimization and security in large web scale environments, monitoring from multiple access points is essential; however, the legacy model of mass data aggregation is a bottleneck by design; its complexity involves a very expensive and cumbersome tool chain. TachTech moves clients to a more distributed model capable of next generation monitoring on multiple 10Gb, 40Gb, and even 100Gb links. The utilization of high-speed full packet capture and analysis deployed in the right way can yield unprecedented results. Proactive and fast troubleshooting solves challenging issues and at a substantial cost savings. TachTech has helped clients reduce web scale troubleshooting time and monitoring costs by 80 percent.

"TachTech provides assessment tools to give full visibility, and then adds controls and ongoing monitoring at every level to provide the necessary frictionless business environment"

TachTech uses the potential of underutilized technologies -- a combination of next generation endpoint technology, single sign-on, and cloud access -- to provide high value in managing risks. The company also provides assessment tools to gain complete visibility, added controls, and ongoing monitoring at every level to provide a frictionless business environment. This helps CIOs to adapt to the business-led IT without having to strictly control it.

Fueling Future Growth

The objectives of the security vendor community and the true needs of organizations are often misaligned. It is both TachTech's and my personal mission to change that As technology is maturing to welcome the Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) stack and IoT, Rosenthal believes that the building blocks of processing, storing, and moving data will remain the same. Organizations should focus on building an ideal architecture that can be adapted and nurtured as the industry develops smarter ways to leverage the exponential innovation curve to deliver applications and improved solutions to problems.

TachTech’s future is guided by its relentless focus on achieving optimal results and a superior client experience. The organization combines deep experience and unique access to industry luminaries to tailor solutions and services for its clients. “TachTech’s hybridized approach to scaling, monitoring, and adapting massive applications coupled with its ability to support fast global infrastructure rollouts in a flexible manner for our clients will continue to fuel our future growth,” concludes Rosenthal.


San Francisco, CA

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO

IT solutions provider and value added reseller serving global clients, providing expertise on network, storage, security, and virtualization