Stratosphere Networks: Empowering SMBs with Enterprise Grade Technologies

Steve Melchiorre, CEO
The IT landscape has changed and so has the role of in-house IT professionals. Selecting the right solution and service from the overwhelming IT market–which was once seen as a one-man job in the IT department–has become an uphill battle for CIOs.

“It is next to impossible to find generalists today who possess dexterity in different segments of the IT ecosystem,” says Steve Melchiorre, CEO of Stratosphere Networks. “As a result CIOs are looking for a holistic IT solution provider instead of trying to hire, staff, and manage their own in-house IT departments.”

Having an IT managed service provider can allow firms to leverage comprehensive services and continuous support without going through the strenuous process of creating their own tech from scratch.

Evanston, Illinois-based Stratosphere has extended its support to various small and medium sized firms as their managed service partner, designing solutions and services tailored to the client’s specific needs. The fully staffed Stratosphere Network Operations Center caters full maintenance services ranging from desktop support, business continuity, and disaster recovery to remote and on-site support, in addition to ongoing maintenance services.

“We have a team of experts ready to assist 24/7 and take over IT responsibilities in a holistic fashion,” says Kevin Rubin, COO and President of Stratosphere. “That allows our clients to focus on other business initiatives such as latest technologies, industry compliances, and cybersecurity.”

The portfolio developed by the company includes automated tools that can curb any recurring issues by automating the remediation process. “We enable our clients to experience fewer issues and more uptime. For us it isn’t just about providing tools but also forging a better IT infrastructure,” says Melchiorre.
Kevin Rubin, COO & President
Shedding more light on this with a case study, Rubin recalls an instance when a client experienced a firewall crash. “We were able to identify a business critical system wide issue and replace the device within two hours,” he says. “Our automated tool empowered us to respond quickly and replace the system.”

Building a secure and viable IT environment for a firm largely depends on its hold on the latest technologies such as cloud. “We have clients with servers and applications housed in different cloud structures such as AWS and Azure,” says Melchiorre.

Managing the applications in cloud servers requires deep expertise and solutions to keep the firm from losing its position in the hierarchy. “We have tools that assist these firms by providing a single pane of glass to increase the ease of management across private or hybrid environments,” says Melchiorre.

Firms can also benefit from the strategic consulting branch of Stratosphere, which includes keeping up with trending technologies and eliminating loose ends in the IT operations. To ensure that it brings the anticipated results, Stratosphere leverages its allegiance with tech titans such as Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and Juniper. “Our strategic partnerships extend our expertise in maintenance and support, allowing us to stand out from the competition,” says Rubin.

Stratosphere believes in building a team known for diligence, an eye for resilient technologies and hunger for excellence. Going forward, the company intends to maintain its reputation as an exceptional IT managed service provider for small and medium sized companies in the Chicago area.

Stratosphere Networks

Evanston, IL

Steve Melchiorre, CEO and Kevin Rubin, COO & President

A multifaceted IT managed service provider focused on delivering comprehensive technology services and solutions to meet the diverse business needs of all industries

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