SenecaGlobal: SmartSourcing Services for Mid-Market

Edward V. Szofer President, Co-founder & CEO,Rao Tummalapalli, Managing Director & Co-founder, Swaminathan Mani Directo,r & Co-founder
With the advent of internet related technologies, today, enterprises in huge numbers are shifting to the cloud environment along with an exponential growth in deploying intrinsic enterprise mobility. The transformation in the technology of mobile devices and operating systems in the cloud demands for an effective software to be functional. Agile software development that is essential today, calls for a team of highly talented design engineers, software developers and testers to develop solutions for these various devices and environments. Successful partnership with expert IT service providers who can deliver robust solutions to manage the challenges would be essential and key to success and productivity. The founders of Oak Brook, IL based SenecaGlobal have over two decades of experience in building global teams that can deliver software in a collaborative process. “We leverage the deep expertise of our U.S based CTOs and CIOs who act as true advisors in developing complex software and testing solutions for serving mid-market companies and independent software vendors,” explains SenecaGlobal’s President, Co-founder & CEO, Edward V. Szofer.

The company provides efficient IT services and leading edge software solutions for clients, around the clock, irrespective of the geographical areas of operation. “By offering the right people, processes and collaboration tools, the time zone difference can be effectively leveraged, enabling a 24/7 software development or testing cycle,” says Rao Tummalapalli, Managing Director and Co-founder, SenecaGlobal. The firm’s SmartSourcing services help clients manage the entire lifecycle from cost effective software and application development to quality assurance and solutions for maintenance, integration and modernization along with extending a customizable IT help desk support. “We facilitate work completion with high performing smaller teams and offer services with direct supervision,” states Swaminathan Mani, SenecaGlobal Director and Co-founder.

In addition to IT services, the firm possesses the capability to develop new and sophisticated software that can be leveraged according to client requirements.

SmartSourcing services for mid-market, with agility and quality built in

SenecaGlobal has great expertise in developing enterprise mobility solutions not only for the mobile devices but also for trendy wearable devices like the hi-tech watches and has partnered with larger organizations like Samsung.To deal with the ever increasing deployment of BYOD and to enable data access from multiple sources, the firm’s solutions help organizations to manage a variety of environments replete with myriad of products such as iPhones, Samsung Notepads, PCs and Apple computers.

The company’s mastery in providing well organized IT services has helped many mid-market enterprises to solve critical issues. In an instance, an IT consulting and software solution provider’s integrated resource management system had limited features and reach, which SenecaGlobal helped re-write entirely into an enterprise solution that can provide the flexibility of customization as per end client’s needs. SenecaGlobal successfully re-engineered the Windows based application and transformed it into a web-based, enterprise solution for warehouse, asset and emergency management suite of product which resulted in increased operational efficiency, effectiveness and revenue.

The company is unique in its focus on the middle market and ISV business segment—a segment which the large international IT services providers do not serve well and are not organized to do so. SenecaGlobal is. It has continuously invested in its people, processes, and infrastructure towards better serving its targeted client base. SenecaGlobal is planning to expand its geographic reach into the west coast and the pacific north-west regions alongside its already world class development center in Hyderabad, India. “Our new projects promise improved capabilities and services to internet and independent software vendors in the coming days,” concludes Szofer.


Oak Brook, IL

Edward V. Szofer President, Co-founder & CEO,Rao Tummalapalli, Managing Director & Co-founder, Swaminathan Mani Directo,r & Co-founder

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