Peloton Group: Technology Enabled Business Transformation

Guy Daniello, Founder & CEO
Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder of Peloton Group, understands that technology enabled business transformation is really about helping people in companies to adopt and adapt to change. Long before buzzwords like ‘big data and cloud solutions’ were being used, Daniello was working with leading organizations to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time. He and the team at Peloton Group specialize in helping organizations align strategic business objectives with the data needed to plan, manage, report, and analyze their organization to gain competitive advantage. “Having a great leadership team and a team with the right expertise is critical to fostering a unique culture that drives results for our clients,” shares Daniello.

Putting Great Ideas into Practice

The offices of CFO and CIO are leading the charge for organizations to leverage data and analytics throughout the enterprise. Peloton Group provides innovative services that include Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services to encompass all phases of the project life cycle.

Peloton Group’s Advisory Services provide assessments that allow organizations to benchmark the Financial Planning and Analysis function and analytic capabilities across the enterprise with other leading organizations in and outside of their industry. The assessments allow clients to benchmark themselves across a set of core capabilities and evaluate how to approach and implement best practice changes in people, process, technology, and tools needed to compete on analytics. Applying the assessment results, Peloton Group engages its clients in a Mobilization—a detailed assessment involving all stakeholders—to identify the current state, articulate the desired future state, establish a vision, and pinpoint a set of initiatives to be implemented along a well-defined timeline. The Mobilization provides a detailed roadmap for an enterprise-wide transformation and can last from two to six weeks.

Peloton Group—Implementation Services deploys its industry-leading Breakaway approach —where the integrated project teams design, develop, and build solutions leveraging Oracle applications for solutions focused on enterprise performance management (EPM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and business analytics solutions to drive tangible business value. Through active client participation, visual design, and experiential learning, clients adopt a world-class technology implementation, business process transformation, and change management in a holistic process.

Throughout the implementation process, Peloton Group leverages its state-of-the-art Peloton Performance Center, utilizing leading edge Oracle cloud applications and engineered systems. Peloton and client development teams model potential design options for clients by bringing a solution to life, testing alternative approaches, and rapidly prototyping key functionality.

A Versatile and Far-Reaching Influence

Peloton Group leverages its tools and processes across several verticals. The company specializes in retail, life sciences, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, and aerospace and defense, offering each vertical a different set of solutions based on the challenges its clients face. Unique industry-specific solutions, can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. For example, the integrated retail planning modules incorporate multiple store locations, logistics, and inventory planning. Peloton offers clinical trial data discovery solutions to its Life Science clients and uses Oracle’s Big Data Discovery tools to analyze entire clinical trials history and identify patterns and predictors on certain key criteria. Life science organizations are then able to make better investment decisions and identify outliers with their clinical trials early on, as well as leverage these insights when forecasting new products and discoveries.

Peloton Group in Action

Peloton Group recently partnered with Hanover Insurance, a multi-billion dollar insurance provider specializing in Property and Casualty insurance.

Peloton is at the forefront of delivering services in core management and IT consulting to empower organizations to outpace the competition by offering innovative solutions

The company experienced a high-growth period and had multiple legacy models, resulting in inefficiencies in its planning process. Hanover needed a strategy to handle its growth and Peloton Group worked with Hanover to streamline its capabilities and tools by delivering a finance transformation that impacted the budgeting, planning, forecasting, and cost allocation processes. Using the Breakaway methodology, Peloton kept the client’s team involved in the design and development of the solution and implemented the Oracle Hyperion suite of applications. “Thanks to Peloton’s advisory, technical, and program management expertise, we implemented a robust integrated planning and reporting platform as part of our FP&A transformation initiative that has delivered tremendous value to our organization. Through modernized data management, we have created a common finance language and advanced the quality of planning and analytics, driving improved business insights,” says Ben Falcon, VP, P&C Finance, at Hanover Insurance.

While these results are impressive, none are possible without a culture that goes to the very heart of the company. Even the company’s name is indicative of relying upon a team to drive a common interest. “Many people know the term peloton from seeing the Tour de France—it is the pack of riders in the race. Those at the front break up the air flow and allow for the subsequent riders to have a more efficient and effortless ride. The front rider then slips off the front and rejoins the pack in the back. What’s really exciting about a peloton is that individuals and different teams work together,” explains Daniello. “Those different teams and individuals ride with approximately 40 percent more efficiency. So the name is representative of what we do as a company.” Daniello, an avid cyclist, realized that in order to succeed the company had to foster a culture of inspired purpose that mimicked the effectiveness of a peloton. The result is now widely recognized as a high growth company that is client focused, innovative, and team oriented.

Impactful Processes and Solutions

Peloton Group specializes in the full suite of Oracle Hyperion and Business Intelligence solutions including integrated planning, budgeting, and forecasting; financial close and reporting; big data and data discovery; and enterprise infrastructure. The firm partners with clients to envision best practice processes and solutions, determine applications that are appropriate for cloud versus on-premise deployment, and create a road map and process for implementation. “Cloud and hybrid solutions give organizations the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy new capabilities to fulfill their requirements,” states Daniello. “IT organizations look for experts who have deep domain and industry knowledge to help them to be successful. We drive substantial business value to our clients and deliver tangible results through our platinum partnership with Oracle and our business and technology professionals who are knowledgeable, certified, and experienced to work hand-in-hand with the project stakeholders.”

Peloton is on the forefront of leading edge technology working in partnership with Oracle to deploy Cloud EPM and ERP solutions. Peloton has expanded its Global Cloud Development Center, enabling the rapid deployment of Oracle’s public cloud solutions. Peloton has also created the Peloton Private Cloud to give clients the opportunity to utilize their Oracle engineered systems within a highly secure private cloud environment. “We plan to continue to build our business in partnership with Oracle,” says Daniello of Peloton’s future. With all Peloton has done, there is no doubt that it will continue to help modernize its clients and keep them competitive in some of the most challenging markets today.

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Guy Daniello, Founder & CEO

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