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Angela Hurt, Founder & CEO
The IT industry is changing rapidly as a direct result of current economic necessities and ongoing technological developments. In order to remain relevant to their clients, it is increasingly important for businesses to monitor these developments closely, and adapt essential products and services. However, there’s a catch: “What we see quite often is that smaller companies tend to spend a bulk of their time trying to tactically operate their business; they don’t have the cycles to anticipate changes in technology and truly understand how technology can improve their operations,” states Angela Hurt, Founder and CEO, Veracity Consulting. “Companies are caught between their growth and the changes in IT, and without experienced staff on their teams, they struggle to evolve with technology.” “We become trusted advisers to our clients. The company helps its clients to understand what their options are when it comes to their business and technology." "We help clients navigate the increasingly complex technology environments to achieve business objectives.” “We take time to interpret their current environment and perform a very pragmatic cost benefit analysis of investment in conjunction with their desired business and technology outcomes,” says Angela. “Our primary objective is to discern and execute for our clients.”

Essentially, Veracity Consulting provides Management Consulting and IT Solutions, and offers value added expertise in the development and use of IT to expand and improve organization’s business processes. The firm’s Program Management offering answers the growing need for structure and methods as applied to each project which has its own unique set of requirements. Through the implementation of its Program Management Office model, the firm establishes a normalized project environment and the corresponding level of support in the areas of planning, organization, and control in six sections: people, projects, platforms, performance, policies, and processes. “We work to build collaboration and introduce transparency between all key project stakeholders,” says Angela. Moreover, the firm’s program management discipline drives efficiency through standardization.

Veracity Consulting also has several areas of practices, which include: Enterprise Architecture Data Services, Security, Managed Infrastructure and Web Solutions.

We look at growth as being able to strategically offer benefit and security to our employees and meet the ever changing needs of the clients

The firm uses an integrated Enterprise Architecture approach that balances business and technology transformation supported with a strong governance and communication vehicle. Additionally, to make an organization’s web presence work for its business, Veracity’s creative team partners with clients to create an online environment that is usable, effective, and engaging. “As part of our strategy, we design content aligned to user goals and branding, then deliver refined content to target specific audiences and demographics,” says Angela.

In addition, Veracity Consulting partners with its clients to establish support services that prepare their organization to increasingly improve its performance. The firm helps its clients to institute and strengthen organizational standards, create/refine knowledge sharing practices, and correct organizational inefficiencies. In an implementation highlight, The Judiciary, State of Hawaii was looking to set up an infrastructure which had availability, stability, business continuity, and proactive support to prioritize their workload. Despite the agency’s budget constraints, “we achieved high availability for the agency and offered architecture options to resolve redundancy for servers, databases, storage, network devices, and applications,” affirms Angela. Additionally, the company also introduced virtualization in efforts to eliminate the agency’s application-to-hardware dependencies.

By fostering a culture of innovation, the company is planning to continuously grow by delivering service in the right way, developing strong relationships with customers, and hiring quality employees. “We look at growth as being able to strategically offer benefit and security to our employees and meet the ever changing needs of the clients,” concludes Angela.

Veracity Consulting

Lenexa, KS

Angela Hurt, Founder & CEO

Veracity Consulting is a Native American and Woman-owned provider of information technology consulting services