ERPLY: A New Face of Retail Platform

Kris Hiiemaa, CEO
Today, most of the solutions crafted in industries are built on the fabric of latest technologies such as cloud—given its eminent offerings and unparallel capabilities. As various organizations hailing from different verticals have started to incorporate cloud or prolific ERPs and APIs in their strategy models—retail too has taken its trajectory in the direction of noble technologies. This being said, efficiently adopting the latest trends is not a plain sailing task many retailers anticipated. “Various cloud solution providers in retail have been unsuccessful to cement their client’s trust in cloud due to the absence of security, flexibility, and scalability aspects in their cloud solutions,” highlights Kris Hiiemaa, CEO, ERPLY. With these bricks dislodged, the loyalty factor also failed to hold its position leading to dismantling of cloud’s supremacy. Bringing the mortar to hold these aspects together, and establishing a reliable and dynamic cloud infrastructure for retail industry is ERPLY.

Based in New York City, ERPLY is Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for commercial retail inventory and e-commerce that handles data across several sales locations, online stores and offices, and offers real-time dashboards with relevant data. The company built its cloud based product ecosystem by leveraging Microsoft and Oracle’s cloud solutions—providing its customers the needed functionality and flexibility at a reasonable price. “The mission is to allow retailers to scale-up their cloud solutions along with their own expansion in their journey, building a relationship with customers on the bedrock of security assurance and loyalty,” says Hiiemaa. ERPLY provides dedicated server centers, systems for monitoring and management of the servers and databases. Various customers that span across 250 locations on global scale are levering this offering to cater thousands of their end-users.

ERPLY retail solutions empower retailers to administer 500- 1000 transactions per second done by the end-users across web, mobile, or in-store platforms. “Our solutions deliver end-to-end services to our customers—from customer’s database management and inventory management to giving insights on user’s specific demands on the basis of assessing their past purchase,” says Hiiemaa.

Retailers can generate a standard report that translates all their transactional data into clear and concise evaluation

For customers opening new branches, ERPLY has brought multi-location and retail chain management service that makes the whole process of scaling a plain sailing task. Robust Cross Chain Reporting is also an eminent feature of the company’s portfolio, giving retailers the capability to measure their sales performance. “Retailers can generate a standard report that translates all their transactional data into clear and concise evaluation,” says Hiiemaa. The company has also brought a unique software that ties the functionality and capability of traditional Point of Sale (POS) system to smart devices—giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost. Eagle Anime, an anime merchandise firm, leveraged ERPLY’s web-based POS and inventory management software that led them to increase their sales, augment product visibility, and decrease the inventory management cost by great figures.

ERPLY’s solutions are accompanied by regular upgrades and blended innovation. “In the coming days, we will focus on setting a loyalty program for encouraging interaction and repeat visits,” says Hiiemaa. After having a commendable run in the present retail market, ERPLY is now planning to take their expertise in other geographies as well, mainly in southern Asia. The company will also be seen holding their Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the next four to five years. "The most important thing for us is helping retailers to survive and be successful. When our clients are successful, so are we," he concludes.


New York, NY

Kris Hiiemaa, CEO

A SaaS provider for commercial retail inventory and e-commerce, handling data across sales locations, online stores, and offices, and providing real-time dashboards with relevant data