Enterprise Integration: An Intelligent Way of Automating IT Resource Management

Billy Steeghs, SVP- Service
Superior business performance and competitive advantage rely on effective use of IT resources to achieve desired outcomes. However, corporate growth, acquisitions, and dispersed infrastructures, increase IT complexity. Contributing to this challenge is security breaches that are a threat to an organization’s IT infrastructure in the data-driven economy. In addition, IT support has become very reactive and siloed—failing to offer holistic approach to address these issues. Set against this backdrop is Jacksonville, FL-based Enterprise Integration (EI) that provides a single pane of glass into the entire IT Supply Chain through automation tools and enterprise IT monitoring solutions. The company’s Digital Robotics Engine (“DRE”) changes reactive IT support into proactive tasks by fixing problems and configurations systematically.

“The DRE is our revolutionary robotics technology,” says Billy Steeghs, SVP- Service, Enterprise Integration. The DRE correlates, without human intervention, the health and delivery of data to the business, all critical components, back end systems, and reports on individual or all IT transactions. “This process creates terabytes of data and intelligence of the system that is critical to eliminate the ‘chasing of ghosts’ or even worse, ignored alerts.” Further, EI leverages the DRE to conduct the ITSM (IT Service Management) operational control tasks including ‘keep the lights on’ activities and system updates. With the harnessed power of this intelligent engine, only 10 percent of incidents and problems need human remediation – “freeing up brilliant minds to focus on strategic activities instead of mundane tasks,” remarks Steeghs. Some of the mundane tasks being automated include Active Directory cleanup, storage capacity planning, event log review, and database fragmentation. “We take pride in every ticket prevented through the DRE that saves our clients time and money, while allowing us to focus on their critical IT needs.”

“We have several large logistics clients with globally connected networks,” says Steeghs. These logistics clients acquire or sell businesses regularly that have a great impact on their IT department. EI partners with their clients to manage these convoluted and perplexing IT integrations, so they can focus on their core business.

We take pride in every ticket prevented through the DRE that saves our clients time and money, while allowing us to focus on their critical IT needs

Furthermore, having full-time IT resources deployed at many global offices may not be cost effective. “For example, one of our clients has 97 locations, globally,” says Steeghs. “Utilizing our services and tools gives us insight into these international networks, server infrastructures and configurations.” In the first two years, EI’s team intelligently fixes the issues related to infrastructure design, mitigates redundancies, and documents all the standard operating procedures, thereby transforming these infrastructures.

With its automated toolsets, monitoring and remote support, EI can proactively resolve many issues before it impacts its custom¬ers’ global offices. If a physical presence is needed, EI’s IT experts get onsite before customers face any difficulties in their core business functions. “These capabilities are truly difficult to manage with an internal IT team and that’s why we have coined our service, ‘Transformational Outsourcing’,” quipped Steeghs.

“Our focus for the next five years is growth,” states Steeghs. Being the fastest growing MSP leveraging Digital Robotics, EI wants to bring its current capabilities to market and show off how innovation and digital robotics can have an impact on IT resources irrespective of company sizes. The company’s internal growth will be at its headquarters in Jacksonville but with a main focus on customers that are struggling with IT or require an IT strategy to grow their business. “A combination of people, tools and process changes the game. We are a game changer in the Managed IT Services industry.”

Enterprise Integration

Jacksonville, FL

Billy Steeghs, SVP- Service

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