Cumulus Global: Aligning Technology with Clients' Goals

Allen Falcon, CEO
With constant flux in the tech industry and the emerging trends, a fundamental transformation is happening in the way C-suite leaders and CIOs collaborate to leverage disruptive change, chart business strategy, and pursue potentially transformative opportunities. CIOs face an evolutionary shift in their role and with the IT infrastructure and services they provide to businesses. “Even though CIOs are creating cloud infrastructures and services, they admit that they are operating and supporting the line of business applications selected by the business units,” states Allen Falcon, CEO, Cumulus Global. In its role as a Cloud Solutions Provider, Massachusetts-based Cumulus Global goes beyond helping companies find the best point solution for their needs. The firm helps CIOs and business leaders create an architecture and build a platform that provides a framework for infrastructure apps, services, and line of business systems.

Cumulus Global focuses on desired business and operational results and aligned technologies and services towards meeting these goals and objectives. The company further leverages its expertise, vendor relationships, and a diversified range of best-of-breed cloud services to create custom solutions. For small and mid-size businesses, the firm has created CumuluSuite, a set of defined cloud solution to meet specific business needs.

“As collaboration and mobility are driving many decisions, we have designed our CumuluSuite packages to address the scope of file services most commonly needed by small and mid-size businesses,” says Falcon. The CumuluSuite packages contain a set of solution packages, built on the Google for Work and Microsoft Cloud platforms. Entry packages provide core file storage, sharing, and collaboration features. Intermediate packages add the backup and restore capabilities that protect the business from accidental overwrites, deletions, and other forms of data loss. Advance packages bundle in permissions management and file management tools that better control ownership, sharing, and data privacy, which allow businesses to augment or fully replace on-premise file servers and/or meet data privacy compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, PII, and SEC 17.

To help businesses take advantage of advanced capabilities, Cumulus Global designs, delivers, and supports cloud solutions that expand the way businesses communicate.

Our solutions improve the ability to collaborate, while protecting data and simplifying IT

“Our solutions improve the ability to collaborate, while protecting data and simplifying IT,” says Falcon.

As an example, the company is providing New England Business Media--publishers of the Harford Business Journal, Worces-ter Business Journal, and Maine Business Journal--with a new email and collaboration suite that, beyond lowering costs, is im¬proving their ability to work on stories, special editions, and events across three offices. The solution integrates with the publisher’s ad sales systems for scheduling and provides the three offices with instant access to HD video conferencing.

In addition, the company delivers services from planning, deployment, and migration, to change management, training, and support. Cumulus Global also maintains a cloud-based migration center that allows configuring and running migration servers, on demand. Existing customer benefit from an on-going dialogue as business needs and cloud technologies continue to change and advance. “Our customers give us the motivation and direction we need to stay relevant, and identify emerging solutions that can help,” affirms Falcon.

As a self-described pragmatic evangelist, Falcon says “I have a passion for the role technology can play in improving our lives.” He adds, “I see the awesome potential for small and mid-size enterprises as cloud computing brings capabilities that has historically been out of reach.” Set against this backdrop, Cumulus Global will continue to grow in several directions as the firm adds cloud services that meet the clients’ needs, priorities, and budgets. “We are also planning to expand our professional services as well as our geographical footprint throughout North America,” concludes Falcon.

Cumulus Global

Westborough, MA

Allen Falcon, CEO

Cloud Solutions Provider, offering customers a range of cloud-based solutions to augment or replace existing on-premise and hosted IT solutions