CATS Technology Solutions Group: Providing Single-Source Managed IT Services

Darrin Gonchar, President
The key to running a successful enterprise is to effectively optimize business processes. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) works with companies to assure processes run smoothly and efficiently. Outsourcing IT needs to an MSP or a consulting firm not only helps maximize the organization’s productivity, but also ensures its technology stays cutting edge. CATS Technology Solutions Group (CATS) is a single-source MSP, offering professional IT services, including computer networking, website design, desktop and server maintenance, HIPAA Compliance services, Cloud computing strategies, Digital signage, Backup solutions, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuation strategies, Voice and Data services, and any other specific needs organizations may have regarding its business processes.

In today’s technology driven workplace, data security and innovation serve as the foundation for leading IT service providers. Darrin Gonchar, President of CATS, discusses the challenges of this modern technology climate, and explains how his company distinguishes itself as a leader in this growing industry. Gonchar articulates, “We combat these challenges by offering comprehensive, feature-rich managed service strategies based on a proactive approach that includes state of the art security measures, as well as disaster recovery planning and management.” CATS utilizes an amalgamated resource model that incorporates; remote help-desk support, staff augmentation, and infrastructure design and management. This gives companies’ access to a fully staffed team of IT professionals with combined (75 years) of experience. CATS IT professionals create customized managed service programs for clients, based on their industry and specific technology needs. From standard desktop support, HIPAA and PCI compliance for regulated industries to high-level infrastructure design and execution; CATS expertly manages it all.

CATS is staffed by highly trained, certified IT professionals, who not only understand abstract technological concepts, but also understand the unique needs of the businesses they are servicing. By focusing on a client’s overall experience and satisfaction, CATS shapes and defines solutions around functionality, efficiency and quality of the integrated solutions. “As a strategic IT services provider, CATS tailors its offering to complement client’s business’s workflow ensuring synergy with their information technology systems,” states Gonchar.

As your strategic IT services provider, we will structure your information technology environment to work in harmony with your business

With Guardian, a state of the art advanced monitoring and alerting system, CATS offers a proactive, support platform to expedite response and resolution time. This system detects issues, and reports them instantaneously to an internal dash¬board where technicians can respond accordingly. Gonchar notes, “Predicting and preventing system failures is paramount to reducing repair and operational costs, as well as averting business interruption.” CATS works collectively with its customers to efficiently budget their IT resources beforehand, to control operational expenses.

In an implementation highlight, West Penetone, a large commercial cleaning chemical manufacturer, approached CATS Technology Solutions Group because they were experiencing issues with their IT system. They had experienced huge losses in productivity and profit from system failures and server issues. CATS was able to overhaul the entire infrastructure by first stabilizing the environment, deploying new backup and security tech¬nologies, and installing and deploying new software for improved interoperability. The result was that West Penetone had better overall network reliability and security plus improved performance, with little or no downtime. CATS was also able to significantly reduce repair costs further by implementing VMware technology, thereby limiting hardware expenditures.

CATS is a proponent of change and is always on the lookout for cutting edge technology solutions to support the ever evolving needs or their clients. As an Industry leader, CATS a-la-carte cloud offerings were positioned as an alternative to or to complement traditional premised based models. CATS’ mission and business model often augments customers’ needs for cost efficiency without sacrificing overall customer satisfaction. These reassurances give clients the confidence to continue leveraging the company’s services.

CATS Technology Solutions Group

East Brunswick, NJ

Darrin Gonchar, President

Provides a single-source, Managed IT services to companies for effectively handling all their IT requirements to reduce operational cost and improve productivity