6D Global Technologies: Creating Remarkable Digital Experiences through 6D Services

Tejune Kang, Chairman & CEO
Service providers in the digital marketing technology space are rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of organizations that seek to deliver the ideal experience to every customer, every time. Recently, omni-channel marketing has become a focus; organizations now need to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. “You have to view the experience through the eyes of your customer, and know how to orchestrate the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent,” remarks Tejune Kang, Chairman and CEO, 6D Global Technologies [NASDAQ: SIXD]. Helping enterprise organizations thrive by delivering the promise of a personal, omni-channel experience, 6D Global Technologies provides services and products that allow customers to create remarkable digital experiences across marketing channels and devices, optimize and measure it, and achieve greater performance, return, and success.

“Our aim is to help our customers stay relevant in the digital world and achieve better performance and Return on Investment (ROI),” says Kang. The company focuses on providing marketing technology solutions in the areas of analytics, mobile, web experience management, creative, and marketing management.

6D offers organizations a unique consultative approach and is very results driven, which makes them stand out from other pure system integration firms. “Our success depends on having very specific conversations in the discovery stage with every client—defining what success means to them. If we are not defining success upfront, we are not servicing our clients honestly,” remarks Kang. The company prefers to embed consultants inside the operations of the client which in turn yields a very high ROI for the client. “Our services engagement model is also very flexible and nimble, and we have the ability to adapt to customers’ needs, whether it is project-based, managed services or retainer-based, or staff augmentation,” delineates Kang.

In one instance, a global manufacturing client needed experienced web content management system (CMS) resources to help them unify, integrate, and personalize their existing system to enhance their end-user experience.

Our aim is to help our clients stay relevant in the digital world and achieve better performance and ROI

Like many of 6D’s clients, the client was in fire drill mode after using a system integrator who did not have the right people for the job. 6D Global assisted the client in implementing the right resources quickly, provided complete transparency, and helped them realize the potential of their CMS and technology investment. “Through personalization and automation of their systems, we increased their time-to-innovation, and decreased time being spent on fixing system issues,” explains Kang.

Being at the forefront of innovation and working with Fortune 500 clients, 6D is very aware of the latest technological trends in the IT Services arena. “Heavily targeted and personalized experience design, or omni channel marketing, along with unified marketing analytics is a big need for our clients heading into the New Year,” commented Kang. 6D Global’s dedicated teams and SMEs are focused on analytics and very personalized user experiences across devices. “We also see clients needing local development resources, so we position ourselves globally to provide local support around development,” said Kang. “This allows our clients to expand into new markets quickly.”

To thrive in the emerging digital competition, the company focuses on being nimble with their superior global marketing technology and creative execution. Forging ahead, the company plans to carry on the organic growth and help clients increase the speed of delivery of their software development, optimize levels of automation with platforms, and increase the level of internal competency to improve performance and ROI.

6D Global Technologies

New York, NY

Tejune Kang, Chairman & CEO

Provides digital marketing solutions in the areas of analytics, mobile, web experience management, creative, and marketing management