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Corporations are bombarded with options regarding what BI solution will best meet their business requirements and give them the competitive edge they need. Some of the questions decision makers face includes how to differentiate between various vendors and their offerings, what type of deployment to select, what type of BI to implement and which BI solution best meets their needs.

An organization’s level of maturity regarding its BI use may also reflect the type of expansion that occurs within their BI environment. For instance, if a business has been using traditional BI for the past five years, they may want to move to a more proactive approach regarding their use of analytics. Organizations new to business intelligence, however, may want to immediately embrace the benefits of having both historical and real-time data and not necessarily start with the former and progress to the latter. Businesses are always in need of the right business intelligence and data management consulting partner who can cater to the aforementioned issues. Dallas, Texas based WCI Consulting has been doing just that since 1998. “Our reputation speaks for itself, thanks to our team of highly experienced BI and Data professionals who are available to help our clients reach new levels of success, day in and day out,” says Marty Carney, President and Chief Executive Officer of WCI.

WCI’s Efficient Methodology

WCI uses an efficient and common sense methodology to guarantee success in all of its projects. More importantly, all its processes and solutions work together to provide the most efficient business intelligence for clients. WCI offers a variety of BI consulting services to fit the needs of clients. WCI’s consultants provide solutions that deliver tangible results, tailored to the specific needs of their clients and their objectives along with the insight, and impact expected from a business intelligence and data management partner.

WCI holds itself accountable from the first touch point and work to deliver what was promised on-time and on-budget. “We’re dedicated to meeting established goals and we make sure that the undertaking is a success by defining milestones and checkpoints early in the project, “adds Carney. WCI’s in-house consultants have the depth and reach to develop the solutions required to achieve measurable ROI for their businesses. “No matter the scale or complexity, our business intelligence consultancy can work with any business to identify the right solutions for all its problems. And we don’t sacrifice long-term relationships to drive short-term business,” mentions Carney.

Rewinding the Clock

WCI was founded with a view to aid a market that was struggling with data consumption. People back in the late 90’s were not aware of the different ways to make data a competitive asset to their company. WCI came into the picture to serve customers and put their needs ahead of its own. This was the focus of the company from the beginning.

However, to succeed in its mission, Carney and his team had to overcome several hurdles the market experienced since their inception. As the famous lines of a poem read, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Do not go gentle into that good night” So did Carney and his squadron persevere the tough times. WCI has been tagged as “Culture Trumps” many a times and Carney takes pride in it. “We believe a culture is very important for a company to see themselves through tough times like those. We make sure that we train our people not only on skills but in the necessary leadership required to succeed within our company,” says Carney.

Carney’s leadership and vision for WCI has been a major factor for the company to be the successful powerhouse it is today. He has seen the company become one of the premier providers of business intelligence solutions in North America. Carney states, “We succeed by partnering first with our customers instead of outside vendors. We know that you cannot have two masters and an outside influence has the potential to hinder a customer’s ability to succeed in their goals. ” This is the result of a keen sense and focus for the many facets of data needs and how it can bring success to key decision makers within organizations.

Maturing Solutions over Time

In addition, having been exposed to many different environments, the WCI team encompasses tons of experience with which it has produced many solutions.

No matter the scale or complexity, our business intelligence consultancy can work with any business to identify the right solutions for all its problems

First, the firm offers Consulting -- On the Data side – where it does enterprise data strategy, architecture and roadmaps, best practices, data visualization selections, development, systems integration, data movement, data presentation, data warehousing, modelling, master data management and services with Big Data. Secondly, it offers a unique Business Intelligence and Data service of knowledge on demand for business intelligence tools, post production system support and mission critical support through an offering called Instant Access. Instant access is a group of seasoned consultants within WCI’s firm that was created to help customers experience what successful end user adoption for its BI and Data needs truly feel like. Within this model real live consultants are ready to serve a customer’s needs “instantaneously” from a knowledge on demand, training, coaching and support perspective. “Not only have we created a model that effectively handles the market’s common and unique BI related issues, but we have also successfully priced it to be an affordable service that doesn’t bust a budget. Through this, we help customers realize the value of their data and how it appropriately applies to their business, “adds Carney. He goes on to say “In addition, we continuously strive to serve the market through years of experience and our gained knowledge so that we may innovate on areas that bring major impact to a customer’s business goals. Automated upgrade tools that bring 25 to 50 percent ROI as well as a 3rd party data visualization connecter that allows a customer to use best of breed 3rd party tools within a their current BI foundation layer are just a few examples of our innovation.”

With these solutions, WCI helps to turn a customer’s data into useful information, build awareness about itself, drive profits, automate business processes, creates business efficiencies and delivers true ROI. Since inception WCI has successfully completed numerous projects within North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Some of the verticals where WCI has created an impact are Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Retail, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Telecom and Mobility, Energy, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Public Sector and Government, Sustainability, Marketing and Sales and Hospitality.

An example of WCI’s efforts to bring this type of value is through a customer who is a world leader in the Supply Chain industry. There was a need for help in extracting and consolidating data from 42 ERP instances, standardize flat files, and move all of the information into an enterprise data warehouse. What complicated the situation was that the ERP systems were from different vendors (Oracle, SAP, BAAN) as well as dealing with the different time zones and cultures. All of this was to be tied together with a unified set of core metrics and a centralized dashboard.

Consulting and advising through architectural roadmaps, customer BI short and long term infrastructure plans, system integrations, development, delivery and support through WCI’s Instant Access were all required for this effort. In the end, the customer has ease of flow when it comes to obtaining their information to successfully run their business. What once was a long an enormous effort to get relevant information from each location worldwide has become streamlined and company data is just a few clicks away.

The Future for WCI

WCI Consulting is a company that believes in giving clients the best experience they can get. “We truly love to see our customers succeed. It’s what we are in business for.” Says Carney. “In order to stay on top we must constantly adapt to the market’s needs. We know the market will change continually, so we are always focused on how that will impact us and how we can turn that around into providing value for our customers,” says Carney about the aim of WCI. Adding value, continually adapting, offering great customer and support services, and focusing on innovative ideas within its market to make it better is going to be the focus of WCI for the near and distant future.

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