Universal e-Business Solutions: Converting the Goals of Clients into Reality

Anthony Cennami, SVP
Technology is a cornerstone of our current maneuvering business world and IT Services companies are the ones chauffeuring it. Many big enterprises are thriving as a result of continuous exertion employed by these IT troupes, providing adequate solutions and services, which keep them several steps ahead in the competition. One such firm striving to make its clients the best in their respective industries is Hoboken, NJ based Universal e-Business Solutions. With offices in Hoboken, NJ, New York, NY, Boston, MA and India, this company has maintained a balanced growth rate to proffer ideal assistance to its customers with its solutions whose amenity outspread to the deepest parts of the gaps to fill them.

Universal, in its early years was comprised of a small group of dedicated network and systems consultants, which were catering to the financial services industry with customized technology solutions. Soon they became a global entity, establishing relationships with remarkable technology partners, like Cisco, F5 and EMC, and clients, from diverse sectors such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Aviation, and Government organizations.

Universal is a trusted Gold partner of CISCO, and has partnered selectively with other industry leading manufacturers, which in confluence have enabled the firm to convert the goals of its clients into reality. In order to be consistent with delivering reliable services, the company has opted to avoid mergers and perks of going public to evade the perplexing scenarios that follow after. Universal follows its own principles and values, which has proven to be the driving force behind it. “Our service offerings and general business model makes us different from other competitors. Since the company’s foundation in 2000, we have maintained a steady and organic growth that has enabled a staggering 95 percent customer retention rate,” explains Anthony Cennami, SVP at Universal.

Universal Services

The experts at Universal make client’s objectives their priority with exhilaration.
The services of Universal are divided into four business units; Procurement, professional services, managed and Network Services. Infrastructure procurement offers customers with an opportunity to leverage Universal’s relationships with partners in an endeavor to obtain necessary assets to accomplish business outcomes. Where the latter brings adroit partners to its customers, Professional Services provides advanced consulting services, delivering advanced architecture, engineering and implementation projects to customers, typically in enterprise IT. Managed Services on the other hand enables ongoing business-as-usual (BAU) services like network and telephony monitoring, Moves-Adds & Changes (MACs) and incident response, enabling business to reduce costs associated with day to day operations of their IT infrastructure, and voice and data solutions. In 2010 the company launched a highly successful Network Services division, delivering low latency and high frequency trading services to Banks, Financial sectors, and Enterprise through a global independently owned network backbone, which also includes traditional connectivity solutions, like point to point or LAN to LAN data connectivity.

What Lies Next

After establishing itself as a leading solution provider, Universal is now launching its first cloud service offering, a CISCO certified, Cloud service Hosted Collaboration Solution to make itself an all-in-one complete package for its customers. BC/DR as a service and other traditional datacenter infrastructure as a service offerings further position Universal as a whole technology partner and solution enabler. Leveraging these services, along with strong partnerships with its partners Cisco, F5, EMC, VMware, and VCE, Universal plans to continue developing and delivering business enabling technologies and solutions to further equip its clients to meet the demand of an ever changing technology landscape.

Evidenced further by their regional expansion and new office in Boston, MA which opened earlier this year, Universal is excited to continue growth both in services and geography, and ultimately to leverage that investment to continually improve and expand service to their clients.

Universal e-Business Solutions

New York, NY

Anthony Cennami, SVP

Provides the clients with customized technology to meet their business needs