Kavi Associates: Delivering Business Results with Analytics

Vijitha Kaduwela, CEO
The task of effectively implementing an enterprise wide data analytics capability often turns out to be a very challenging endeavor. Some of the challenges include fostering business and IT collaboration, developing a comprehensive roadmap, creating a business case for securing investment, hiring and retaining the talent to sustain the capability, and managing the organizational change required to drive innovation and adoption of analytics.

The boutique business analytics solutions company, Kavi Associates offers the needed strategy, business, technology and analytical solution expertise rivaling the largest consulting organizations, while providing a higher degree of personalized attention. Their CEO Vijitha Kaduwela stated that “We help our clients leverage analytics to deliver business results, differentiate in the marketplace and develop a competitive advantage” They offer end-to-end services extending their expertise in Analytics Strategy Consulting, R&D, Solutions Delivery, Support Services and On- Demand Analytical Services.

The Differentiating Factors
The firm, under the guidance of Vijitha Kaduwela, works by the fundamental rule of bringing creativity and innovation to client engagements. Their Analytics Strategy Consulting practice helps clients to develop the business case and an actionable roadmap to get them on the road to accelerate their maturity of analytics.

Typical deliverables of a strategy engagement include the data management strategy, technology platform architecture, organization and staffing strategy, quantifiable analytical use cases to measure the business impact and the level of innovation and organizational change required.
Kavi’s key differentiating factors include mature solutions delivery capability that employ proven service accelerators to reduce project risks, speed up implementation and deliver business results early and often. The services accelerators Kavi brings to the table include best practices, process frameworks, reference architectures and critical components such as data models, business rules engines, workflow engines, custom user interfaces for big data visualization and decision automation.

Their R&D group is responsible for developing service accelerators, and designing analytics platform architectures to meet their clients’ solution demands. The R&D group also owns the Kavi Labs, where clients have the opportunity to bring their own data and try out custom analytical solutions based on choice of several leading technologies. The industry verticals the firm primarily focuses on include Healthcare, Transportation, Higher Education, Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Looking Forward

Large and small organizations rely on key partners who can offer comprehensive enterprise wide analytical solutions. Kavi’s On- Demand Analytical Service practice provides these key capabilities. This involves providing the complete technology platform infrastructure, data management capabilities, skilled resources for developing analytical models, integrating the capability with business processes while achieving a high degree of automation. The firm has already started investment in its On-Demand Analytical Services practice in order to fulfill this growing market need.

Kavi Associates

Barrington, IL

Vijitha Kaduwela, CEO

A provider of business analytics solutions, Kavi Associates specializes in Strategic Business Consulting, Technology Solutions Implementation, Support Services, Analytics Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, System Integration