Erply: An Open Approach to All-Channel Retail Management

Kris Hiiemaa, Founder & CEO
The use of Information technology in cash registry and inventory management which came to be known as POS (Point of Sale) led to the emergence of many companies offering services in this field. POS and inventory on the cloud is in high demand as companies are realizing the cost savings and efficiency benefits of moving to a hosted solution as compared to solutions using old school, customer maintained servers, as they lack the feature set and level of service required for a mid-large size retailer. In this highly competitive yet constantly developing market, Erply is positioned to offer services in a way unique to it.

Headed by Kris Hiiemaa, founder and CEO of Erply addresses pain points of the industry which are multiple streams of data collection and management, mobility, and other continuously evolving needs. Expanding customer base to online shoppers increases the data burden, to which ERPLY accommodates omni channel operations by connecting to popular e-commerce platforms (Prestashop, Magento, Amazon and any other or custom via API). ERPLY can further centralize operations if there is a need, by connecting to other software that serious retailers use, allowing retailers to leverage their data into information and action.

ERPLY also provides the flexibility to sell using mobile apps, which are identical in both functionality and feel to the POS used in the store. ERPLY understands that the retail landscape is constantly evolving and that retailers would want to use the latest features/technology. SaaS subscriptions which includes automatic updates allow them to do this without purchasing new licenses or needing technically demanding roll-outs which can prove very expensive for chains.
Staying Ahead Of the Curve

ERPLY differentiates itself from its competition using Enterprise service options, Strong inventory, latest technology, Powerful API and POS Addon capabilities for client directed development and Franchise support among many other services.

The recent success of ERPLY was the innovative set for Birchbox. This was the online company’s first venture into brick and mortar retail with a store in Soho. They chose ERPLY POS because of its flexible architecture and integration possibilities with online Ecommerce. Elizabeth Arden Retail, CaratCO., Rapid Refill Ink and Ben’s Soft Pretzels are a few other esteemed clients of ERPLY.

Having had successes with industries dealing in clothing, footwear, and jewelry ERPLY has built a strong customer base in pet goods as well. Furthermore ERPLY’s power is shown in its multi-store management features. Organizations with layers of structure or multiple locations to manage are well served by the company’s solutions.

ERPLY vision is to see neighborhood stores integrated with online stores in order offer consumers the freedom to choose to shop online or in a brick and mortar store without either one of the stores suffering and leverage current inventories and workforce more effectively. As with any business, evolution is key to continued success. ERPLY sees its growing success in giving their clients increased flexibility to adapt to the changing market environment by giving them what they need as opposed to giving every feature possible on the core platform which may not be used by the client.

With Erply, retail manager can focus on growing retail chain instead of fixing software issues.


NewYork, NY

Kris Hiiemaa, Founder & CEO

A provider for commercial retail inventory and e-commerce, ERPLY specializes in erp, point of sale, inventory and business information systems