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CIO VendorGeorge Demou, CEO
For generations, businesses have been focused on offering the highest quality product possible, providing the best value and offering quality customer service. While these philosophies remain in practice today, modern businesses also realized the importance of customer experience. Now, more than ever, businesses have invested in building effective customer experience programs, and tracking the effectiveness of these efforts.

Avtex, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, recognizes the shifting emphasis towards the customer experience. Since 1972, Avtex has remained committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions, all designed to accomplish a common goal; to eliminate poor customer experiences.

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and Interactive Intelligence Platinum Excellence Partner, Avtex is well respected in the field of customer experience, contact center management and unified communications. The company has developed a large customer base covering seven countries and countless industries. “Our vision is to eliminate poor customer experiences and help companies achieve their goal of success,” Avtex CEO George Demou said. “That mission resonates in everything we do.”

A Holistic Approach

Avtex differentiates itself from the competition by offering holistic solutions to customers’ needs. Rather than providing a solution that addresses a single facet of customer experience or contact center issues, Avtex digs deeper to create customized solutions that tackle the various factors involved in the customer’s processes. The company’s flexible solution portfolio allows it to present innovative and creative solutions to clients facing a wide range of challenges.

Using a phased project approach based upon standards set forth by the Project Management Institute, Avtex offers solutions that are scalable, reliable and able to meet the unique needs of every customer they serve.
Committed to Internal Innovation

While partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft play a large role in shaping the development of Avtex solutions, the organization is also committed to the continued evolution of software through internal innovation. Using feedback from customers, Avtex is continually improving and expanding its solutions portfolio. By making this commitment to innovation and evolution, Avtex will remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Avtex is continually improving and expanding its solutions portfolio. By making this commitment to innovation and evolution, Avtex will remain on the cutting edge of the industry

“The needs of our customers are always changing, as our customers face evolving challenges to serve their customers, we must offer adaptive solutions that meet those needs. By remaining committed to bettering ourselves as an organization, as well as the solutions we offer, we hope to evolve with changes in customer experience and the industry as a whole,” said Demou.

Growth through Innovation and Acquisition

Avtex has big plans for the future. The company has committed to growth through internal innovation and development of solutions, as well as through the acquisition of like-minded organizations. By committing to both organic and inorganic growth, Avtex has positioned itself to continue expansion and to better serve its current customers and future clientele.


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George Demou, CEO

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