Beeline: Enabling Organizations to Get More Out of Their Flexible Workforce

Doug Leeby, President
The Industry (Maturity) Life Cycle for the Vendor Management System market is on an accelerated curve. Research reveals that 72 percent of U.S. companies indicate they have a singular program for the management of contract labor, professional services, sourcing and procurement. This is amazing proliferation since Vendor Management Systems (VMS) have only been around for about ten years. One company that realized the powerful benefits of a VMS, and integrated it into the core of its operations was Beeline, the pioneer of Contingent Workforce Solutions.

Beeline understands that everyday more organizations are relying on the use of contingent and project-based labor to complement their permanent workforce around the world. Hence the company created its award-winning VMS to help organizations get more out of their flexible staff. Beyond the temporary and professional staffing segment, organizations are also looking for control and management of consulting services and outsourced workers. Beeline VMS offers full-service procurement capabilities that help improve data transparency, mitigate risk, drive process efficiencies, and ensure quality, all within one system of record.

With a track record of reliability, the Beeline technology immensely gained popularity with its easy-to-use UI and analytics capabilities. "Beeline's UI delivers unmatched ease of use, which minimizes training requirements and makes it simple for users to get the most out of the system. Its analytics provide comprehensive insight into both what is happening with a company's contingent talent and why. This technology is at the heart of Beeline's VMS offering, enabling companies to improve cost control, risk mitigation, productivity and quality in the management of their contingent staff," adds Doug Leeby, President of Beeline.
The Beeline Edge

Beeline provides powerful solutions that are at the forefront of technology and give customers an advantage in how they utilize and manage their contingent staff. Beeline Vendor Management System (VMS) is the only platform offering a single Software-as-a-Service solution for the entire non-employee workforce, regardless of location. Its solutions include: Resource Tracking, Outsourced Workers, Contingent Staffing, and Services Procurement. Each solution leverages the powerful technology of the VMS including practical and sophisticated analytics, flexible workflow engine and system configuration, data security, and seamless integrations. Beeline SmartView® and SmartRate® data discovery tools provide instant in-depth analysis of a company's cost, savings, operations, rate, supplier performance, and other program metrics.

The embedded analytics, visualizations and dashboards allow Beeline clients to explore and understand what their data means, with industry leading technology, rather than wasting time collecting and running reports. And since almost half of Beeline's workforce is dedicated to service, clients can be confident that Beeline will be with them every step of the way, from discovery to steady state and beyond. The company also provides many avenues for client collaboration and engagement throughout the year, giving clients direct access to industry analysts, influencers, continued learning opportunities, and more.

Beeline's team of experts work in close proximity to the operations of clients and never shy away from challenges that may arise, allowing clients and MSP partners to focus on program strategy and value, while operating at much lower cost.

Beeline is a strategic business unit of Adecco Group, the world's largest provider of HR solutions and has gained the trust of many clients such as 3M, JPMorgan Chase, General Motors, Microsoft, Northern Trust, Nokia amongst many others across the globe.


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Doug Leeby, President

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