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Janice A. Mahlmann Founder & CEO, August eTech
Janice A. Mahlmann Founder & CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>August eTech</a>

Janice A. Mahlmann Founder & CEO, August eTech

As Founder & CEO of August eTech (MSP Company) for the past 20 years, we have seen a lot of changes in technology and workforces, however we have never seen a pandemic and we have never seen the need for such a quick move to work from home.

The challenges of COVID-19 have accelerated workforce changes from on-site offices to remote at home offices and thus increased the need for cloud computing and increased security infrastructures. Based in my experience, here are my predictions for the future in tech business:

• More and more businesses will go back to office and away from fully remote, but will include more flex time allowing for a combination of on site and remote schedules. Example. M & Tue (WFH) Wed, Thursday & Friday (in the office)

o Technology and especially MSP’s like August eTech need to keep up with work at home networks and establish remote infrastructures to extend to home networks via establishing virtual desktops, VPN networks, cloud computing or SaaS workspaces as examples.

• We will see an increase in companies re-evaluating their IT needs and potentially expanding their security infrastructure even more due to the increase in work from home and cloud services dominating the workforce.

• Hardware will see an increase in the continued trend to laptops and tablets, which risks some security issues – portable devices are more easily stolen, lost, or damaged.

• Data security, from encrypting devices to VPN connections, encryption and SSL will be a focus.

• IT Services especially for small and medium sized businesses has spiked during COVID-19          and will continue to rise as technology and security becomes more complicated in a more expanded remote work from home environment.

• An increased investment in IT-such as MSP, cybersecurity, and cloud computing-will continue. Needed along with these investments will be matched increase in complicated network infrastructure that can accommodate working from home.

o One of the key services we have at August eTech is consulting CIO (Chief Information Officers) services. These services have greatly helped our clients navigate through the new times, get updated in technology, and stay secure and in touch with each other with the new technology for advanced communications while managing their IT budgets for their needs.

All businesses, big and small, need to be flexible enough to modify and change with the times. IT Service companies such as August eTech can help them find their way through this new era.