Top 20 IT Services Companies - 2018

It has been less than a decade that web and mobile has became gradually the omnipresent force that defines business success and human interactions. Today, if there is no online presence of a company, a customer may doubt even their existence, and they won’t be able to stand the modern competition. To this end, an overarching solution is provided by IT services as it supplies businesses with new software technologies and tool, and also provides support from the very beginning to the end.

Essential IT solutions include infrastructure consultations, system development and solutions, support and service desk, web and marketing, and cloud services. However, it is very important for the companies to comprehend that the core IT services employed at their premises are not enough for a business today to build their end-to-end digital strategy. They need to continuously implement, manage, and update emerging technologies in order to stay competitive and avoid the situation of being obsolete. That’s where the new IT services comes into the picture. As for business value, private blockchains are helping t he businesses in automating key operations with smart contracts, achieving higher data security as well as opening a wide range of possibilities for a company. Dedicated headsets and mobile devices are leveraged by the AR technology in order to elevate the efficiency of the key operations. This also can assist organizations in cutting costs with the 3D prototypes, meetings in AR, and enterprise training software.

To help CHROs navigate through the list of IT Services companies delivering the new and the traditional IT Services, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CHROs, CIOs, VCs, CTOs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Education Technology Insights narrowed the 20 Most Promising IT Services Companies 2018 that exhibit competence in delivering IT services seamlessly and also drive digital transformation in a connected IT setting.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising IT Services Companies - 2018.

Top IT Services Companies

Helps organizations become more efficient & more effective through technology, processes & services backed by industry leading support

Provides managed security services and cloud services solutions to large enterprises, SME, and public administration to help save time, cost, and manpower

A trusted advisor with expert resources to guide customers in navigating the cloud maze and selecting the best platform for their IT and business needs

The company provides business tools and affordable technology designs based on the business requirements

Microsan Consultancy Services is an IT Staffing and Consulting, Software Development and Integration firm

Providing Enterprise Information Technology Solutions, Program Management Support Services, Software Development, Cyber Security, and Subject Matter Expertise

NERO brings forth a programmatic approach to evaluate technical, administrative, and management security controls in the entire network environment

A premier end-to-end IT services consultancy specializing in cloud strategy, sourcing and execution

Specializes in cybersecurity, data center management, cloud computing, it service management, program management and it consulting with federal, state, and local governments

Provides business to business IT solutions encompassing both on-premise and hosted solutions

Tech Inc Solutions is a complete technology solutions provider, committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service

Bridge Global

Provider of information technology services in both onshore and offshore models to mid-sized as well as large organizations across sectors

Burwood Group

An innovative, culture-driven, industry leader that seeks to build strong relationships and be a trusted advisor that protects clients’ best interests

CATS Technology Solutions Group

A single-source IT firm, providing a wide array of business technology solutions

Dynamic Quest

Provider of managed IT services, solutions and strategic IT consulting

Enterprise Integration

Develops programs, engines and apps to co-relate unstructured data, offer end-to- end visibility, and resolve customer issues

Switchfast Technologies

Provides best-in-class managed IT services and support for SMBs


Provider of information technology solutions and services aiming to align technology innovation, best practices, and global logistics in businesses

Unisys Corporation

Delivers industry-focused solutions integrated with cutting-edge security to clients in the government, financial services, and commercial markets

Veracity Consulting

Provides value added expertise in the development and use of IT to expand and improve their organization’s business processes