20 Most Promising IT Services Companies - 2019

Waves of innovation are sweeping the IT services landscape while powering the technology growth engine that appears to be on the cusp of another major leap forward. It's no more about the next big thing but an iterative fusion of technologies coupled with the generous assistance of people and processes. MarketsandMarkets reports that by 2023, the managed IT services market will swell up to $282 billion from $180.5 billion last year. Business leaders are now realizing that internal expertise is insufficient to meet the growing demands of customers, both internal and external. Failing to deploy the vital technological infrastructure means risking the business and losing on loyal customers. Tasked with ensuring the operability of IT services and infrastructure, managed service providers (MSPs) are the key to uphold the trust and confidence of valuable customers.

With the adoption of technologies such as IoT, AI, cloud, edge computing, automation, and so on, organizations are now gaining a competitive edge while driving efficiencies. With the active IoT devices expected to double in number from 10 billion next year to 22 billion by 2025, it would immensely change the face of how businesses operate with smart devices making fact-based, real-time decisions. The presence of cloud is evident in almost every area today and it only seems to be growing. MSPs are now stepping forward to deploy both cloud and hybrid cloud computing to eliminate or minimize the need for hardware infrastructure, resulting in huge cost savings for businesses.

The complete IT environment is now focused on channelizing automation to replace the substantial amount of work done by humans. With automation technology on the rise, MSPs will witness a huge reduction in workloads, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. The growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology is enabling MSPs to assist enterprises in terms of scalability, cost saving, and security based on a subscription-billing model. Outcome-based services are another trend that can be seen today. MSPs are providing a suite of smart services that leverages building performance data to improve operational efficiency, the integrity of security systems, and maximize uptime.

Advancements in all these technologies also expose companies to cyber threats. This translates to a desperate need for effective security. To defend enterprises against any vulnerability, MSPs with their expertise are identifying weaknesses and safeguarding organizations' critical data, information, and other operational components.

For MSPs to be successful, they need to continuously put efforts in providing customers with best-in-class services from initial assessment to signing contracts. Staying abreast with the evolving trends will ensure faster capitalization and enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

With service providers for IT technology filling up to the brim in the industry, choosing the right partner is like finding a needle in the haystack for decision-makers globally. Mitigating this malady, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts, CIO Review’s editorial board narrowed the top 20 IT services companies that exhibit competence in delivering innovation in the IT  sector.

We now present to you CIO Review’s “20 Most Promising IT Services Companies – 2019.”

Top IT Services Companies

As a managed service provider (MSP), the company manages 24-hour monitoring, maintenance, and problem resolution for IT systems within clients’ businesses. These services help ensure organizations can save a significant amount of money while effectively streamlining their IT operations. Unlike many other MSPs that offer a multitude of additional services, August eTech only provides four types of services, intending to excel in each one. In addition to MSP services, these include cybersecurity, IT projects, and CIO services. Additionally, August eTech offers managed CIO (Chief Information Officer) services. August eTech comes alongside client companies and helps them navigate technology so that they can achieve their business goals efficiently

By Light Professional IT Services provides a full range of hardware and software engineering services to defense, civilian, and commercial customers worldwide. Founded in 2002, By Light is a cut above other solution providers as it’s founded by seasoned federal leaders for federal leaders. Behind By Light’s rapidly growing market prominence is founder and CEO of the company Bob Donahue, Jr., an ex-active duty Army Signal and Special Operations officer who has worked closely with both DoD and Joint Operational Units. Over the years, Donahue has put together a core team comprised of industry leaders from the commercial, civilian, and the DoD marketplace that combine best-in-class commercial practices with technical solutions to meet the unique requirements of federal customers

FIFSTAR ICT is a company that provides managed IT services and structured cabling services. With a vision of making information technology application simpler for small businesses, the company delivers solutions that add value to security and efficiency. Most of the companies require IT infrastructure. Deploying and maintaining these services takes up a lot of resources and time, and hence, FIFSTAR ICT assists its clients through innovative solutions. Running processes efficiently on time gets a boost through performance monitoring tools, on-site support, cloud management, and disaster recovery

Orion Global MS offers high-class technical support, maintenance, and professional services globally. By making use of their over 11000 technicians spread over 150 countries, the firm offers a 24/7 simple single point of contact solution. Orion Global MS doesn’t focus just on one particular vertical, but instead utilizes their 30 years of proven track record to look after the global IT infrastructure of their clients. The company offers reliable and responsive IT support by being a single point of contact for all IT support requirements, adhering to a service level agreement chosen by the client

RP&IT Services Inc. is a company with the goal to deliver technology-related assistance and services. The company provides solutions which are customized according to the needs of the client company. With a flexible set of prices, the service provider caters to businesses no matter the size of their budgets. The company specializes in RetailProfessional& IT Services, which includes on-site as well as remote tech support facilities and support for all kinds of applications. Virtualization, IT consulting, cybersecurity, and business planning, all come under the ambit of the solutions the company provides

Source 1 Solutions provides white label solutions to organizations and specializes in managing IT Services. Their white label services are efficient for companies to increase their profitability. The sole purpose of their existence is to help their clients expand their technical capabilities and extend their geographic reach. The company offers 24x7, and 365-day supports Network Operations center and don’t outsource from other countries. Source 1 Solutions plans to become the IT partner that organizations desire and assist in upgrading the way a business works through the transformative power of their latest technologies

Trinity Networx provides cutting-edge technology solutions helping our clients grow their businesses and profits. As a managed service provider, Trinity Networx offers a variety of services such as Cloud Computing, Desktop support, Office 365, and others. These cloud services and support are available round the clock and equip the clients with intuitive tools required to control and manage their systems remotely. From keeping computers and network equipment updated, implementing a business-grade firewall solution to providing sophisticated password protection, email security, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and antispam software—Trinity Networx covers every aspect of internal and local network security

Abacus Group

Abacus is a leading provider of IT services to investment firms and investment managers. The enterprise technology platform from Abacus is meant to cater to the exclusive requirement of the financial services industry. Offering technology as a service, the company takes care of all the IT facilities that its client companies require. From scaling up storage to mitigating security risks, to ensuring compliance, Abacus manages everything with expertise and efficiency. AbacusFLEX™, the scalable and redundant private cloud platform is highly flexible and secure, and companies can host any application on them

Accucode Inc

Accucode provides an extensive range of IT support services to numerous industries. The company focuses on developing innovative and customized solutions for each of its client companies. By deploying complex IT solutions for integration of systems, Accucode adds a lot of value. It also assists in hardware procurement and replacements, custom deployments, installations, and full-time support in case of break-downs. App development and consulting for artificial intelligence also figure in the company’s catalog of services. The retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and education industries are among the many that use Accucode’s IT services

Arraya Solutions

Started in 1999, Arraya offers IT solutions, consulting, and managed services. By making it a point to design unique solutions for individual organizations, the company has been able to provide the best services which include enterprise monitoring and support, cloud-based backup, advisory services, business services. The comprehensive nature of the offerings from Arraya helps businesses overcome IT shortcomings and control business outcomes better. The company also supports maintaining security and compliance as a part of the cybersecurity offering. Its security tools help design the best strategies, and an expert team ensures implementation

Bell Techlogix

A major company in the managed IT services and solutions segment, Bell Techlogix has successfully created a reputation for itself. The company’s principal offerings include a digital workplace, IT management services, delivery automation, security services, and cloud solutions. With the mission of making technological applications accessible and usable at low costs, it has driven up operational efficiencies of many organizations. The solutions offered, like mobile device management, digital transformation services, and hybrid cloud solutions are highly relevant to the current context. A team of highly qualified experts enable innovative approach top solutions


Collabrance is a company that offers solutions to service providers in the managed IT services sector. With the company’s assistance, managed IT service providers can start a new business or can scale up their existing businesses. Through partnerships, client companies can improve their offerings to their customers. Collabrance assists its partners in creating business plans through active technical support. MSP Offerings are the most popular offering from the company’s IT solutions catalog, and it can induce competitive changes into its client companies’ capabilities. Both hardware and software investments are optimized to gain maximum productivity


Compulink is a leading company that provides customized IT solutions and managed IT services. The company has clients both in the private and government sector. Cloud solutions form an essential part of its offerings. With an increasing shift towards clouds, organizations look for convenience. Compulink combines storage solutions, security solutions and disaster recovery solutions to enable quick adoption of cloud. The Managed Link services are meant to maintain and manage network connections through advanced monitoring capabilities. There are services that make software and hardware procurement easier and cost-efficient

DAS Health

IT solutions are essential for the healthcare industry as well, and DAS Health is a leading company that recognizes this need. Through a range of powerful solutions meant exclusively for the health industry, it enables better compliance, improved customer services and enhances business outcomes. Client companies can deploy advanced technology conveniently and maintain them efficiently with managed IT services. Cloud Hosting Solutions enable better cloud functionality. Security solutions that also include risk assessment and security infrastructure building are integral to the healthcare industry


Improving is a leading IT solutions company that offers innovative ways of dealing with industry-related processes and making businesses better. With the facilities of training, consulting, recruiting, and other services, the company has found a broad client base in several industries. The training provided by the company enables organizations to pick up essential tech skills in a range of subjects with assistance from expert coaches. A team of technical consultants at Improving client companies in managing all technology-related problems, from troubleshooting to resolving. Business analytics solutions and project management are one of their specialties

Iron Bow Technologies

A leading IT solution provider, Iron Bow Technologies has unique and expert capabilities that transform businesses. Major clients that the company serves are from the healthcare industry and the commercial sector. By making use of disruptive technology and deep experience in IT solutions, Iron Bow enables its clients to improve processes and business outcomes. The company provides cloud solutions, collaboration services, cyber security offerings, data center capabilities, IoT and digitalization solutions, Network and mobility solutions, and managed services. The range of contracts offered by the company varies, and clients can opt for the suitable ones

Medicus IT

Medicus IT is an IT solutions company with a special focus on the healthcare industry. The company improves the efficiency of organizations and processes with its unique set of solutions and services. The healthcare industry’s IT solutions requirement varies a lot from that of other industries. MedicusIT recognizes this and specializes in healthcare IT solutions, which include infrastructure-as-a-service, cloud solutions, and disaster recovery, among others. Phishing solutions, managed cybersecurity, and encryption services constitute cybersecurity solutions. In the healthcare category, HIPAA security solutions and healthcare applications and integrations are vital

Novatech, Inc.

Novatech, Inc. is a prominent technology consultant and offers services to improve office and IT operations. The vital services provided by the company include managed IT support, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity services. By operating the IT departments of its client companies with expertise, Novatech allows the companies to focus on primary business activities. Professional installation services, scalable data centers, and onsite support reflect the expertise of Novatech in managed IT services. The cloud solutions assist client companies in having a secure and well-managed cloud experience


QualityIP is a company with expertise in IT solutions, and it makes technology easier to apply. With high quality IT services on the offering, the company has been delivering great value to its clients. QualityIP’s managed infrastructure involves solutions concerning servers, workstations, and networks. The company manages security through firewall management, password management, cybersecurity, security training, as well as physical security. Many companies are using clouds these days, and QualityIP’s cloud services are impressive as well. The managed IT support segment has services which simplify the process of getting support for tech glitches


TruAdvantage is a trusted leader in managed IT and network solutions category. Driven by a motivated team, the company offers solutions that range from managed IT to cybersecurity. Under the managed services, the company offers some of the essential solutions like backup solutions, cloud management solutions, security, management solutions, VOIP phones and mobility solutions as well as a comprehensive package that includes all the offerings together. The range of cybersecurity solutions are extensive and can bolster a companies security infrastructure. Risk assessments and testing allow readiness and security tools ensure protection