Lore Systems, Inc.:Next-Gen IT Services with Enhanced Reliability and Visibility

Tien Wong, Chairman Drew Zaleski, VP & Director of IT
The present day tech industry is being reshaped in numerous ways. Frequent product and services innovations, along with migration to cloud based applications are bringing a new dimension to CIOs’ roles. It is imperative for IT users to more strategic to meet growing customer needs as well as industry challenges. In this scenario, companies are increasingly turning to outsource technology to meet their IT demands quickly and efficiently. As more IT players are constantly entering the market, IT services providers are driven to bring in new and updated features and services to remain in the competitive market.

Since 1995, Lore Systems has been providing professional IT services with specialization in managed datacenter hosting; cloud computing, IT infrastructure, IT staff augmentation, and high-level strategic consulting. With the increasing migration to the cloud and the advent of virtualization technologies, the company helps enterprises to adopt appropriate cloud solutions. Lore’s Chairman Tien Wong says, "We are delivering solutions with constant coverage and extended uptime that ultimately reduces IT cost, mitigates risk and improves performance."

The firm’s extended line of services includes an outsourced networking service package ‘Virtual CIO’, network engineering, and data center and cloud services. Additionally, the company provides due diligence services and network analysis and assessments under its Virtual CIO practice for all kinds of companies who are acquiring businesses, or seeking to scale and upgrade their networks. “We ensure our clients have a secure and updated infrastructure, assess capital expenditure needs, and identify operational gaps, weaknesses and risks,” says Wong.

Enterprises today are also encountering a new issue while working with professional IT consultants. “Today, many of our clients report that efficiently dealing with IT consultants has become a major concern due to their unreliability and imperiousness,” says Wong.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best user experience in the marketplace by making IT easier, friendlier, and more reliable

Addressing the issue, Lore focuses on giving clients more transparency and documentation over their IT systems. “We want our customers to overcome their IT related challenges with the clear knowledge of their existing system,” conveys Wong. “So as an IT service provider, it's our job to be proactive in bringing more visibility into client’s IT infrastructure,” he adds.

"Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best user experience in the marketplace by making IT easier, friendlier, and more reliable," says Wong while pointing out to the key feature of the company. With unwavering focus, vast knowledge about the industry and professional tactical guidance, Lore Systems has built deep relationships with their customers. For instance, an American west coast health department’s government internal IT department took a week’s time to spin up their server for disseminating information about the flu emergency in the region. Leveraging Lore’s capabilities enabled the customer to complete the same task in an hour’s time.

The company will continue to add more services in the cloud space. Furthermore, “we will pursue our Virtual CIO practice for the customers who require assistance in incorporating new technologies to help them achieve their business outcomes,” shares Wong. Lore is also seeking to acquire number of managed cloud service providers. “We are gradually expanding our geographic footprint, extending our skills, menu of services to serve more industries,” concludes Wong.

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Tien Wong, Chairman Drew Zaleski, VP & Director of IT

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