ISA - Information Systems: Solving Complex IT Security Challenges

Kevin Dawson, President & CEO
From complying with the ever changing state and federal regulations to defending new ploys of cyber attacks, the IT security needs of each industry varies from the other. A recent research by Gartner specifies that as organizations become more threat aware, the global spending on IT security is set to increase to $101 billion in 2018 from $77 billion in 2015. “However, lack of reliable and actionable threat intelligence services in the market, adds to an organization’s inability to react in case of a security breach,” remarks Kevin Dawson, President and CEO, Information Systems Architects (ISA). Curbing these challenges is ISA—a security focused technology firm with over twenty years of experience that helps organizations of all sizes solve complex challenges related to IT security.

ISA initially sold and implemented relational database business applications and overtime, as the security industry evolved, the company channelized into providing IT security solutions. Today, apart from offering a wide array of security solutions like endpoint data security, network security, governance risk compliance, and cloud security; ISA also helps clients implement and manage their IT security strategies. The company believes in driving 2.0 solutions after identifying market trends, evaluating solutions, and customizing configurations. Vesting key importance on partnerships, Dawson credits it as an important factor in a fostering superior client experience. “Our partnerships along with our solutions, allow us to implement various security controls that impart a client’s environment safer, without compromising on end user experience,” says Dawson. The company also offers security consulting and assessment services that are designed with a goal of providing risk based action plans, incorporated into an organization’s strategic security plan.

Although ISA is constantly approached by numerous vendors, the company is very specific about their solution portfolio. “We ensure that our offerings are developed by the industry’s top vendors, which in turn guarantee optimum security of our customer’s network, while minimizing total cost of ownership,” says Dawson. Administering an environment thriving with team spirit, Dawson’s interest in sports directly trickles into the workings of his organization.

Our partnerships along with our solutions, allow us to implement various security controls that impart a client’s environment safer, without compromising on end user experience

“I believe competitive sports are a good starting ground to build strong business acumen, it not only inculcates the importance of teamwork in ISA, but also infuses an environment of winning and losing gracefully,” he adds.

Constantly enhancing their offerings to augment customer service, ISA is currently growing their technical team and resources to assist customers on demand. Owing to their customer centric approach, many of the company’s client relationships have spanned over fifteen years. According to Dawson, “Building and retaining trustworthy customer relationship is our core intent over maximizing transactional profit.” In the case of a major retailer in Canada, ISA helped the organization build an overall strategic security direction. “We assisted the client in designing, implementing, and operationalizing a wide range of security solutions, including, but not limited to, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), perimeter security, and threat prevention,” informs Dawson.

As a result of their competent nature, through time ISA has evolved as a managed service provider and they expect to continue growing in that space. In addition, staying true to their mission of building partnerships based predominantly on trust, ISA is currently looking forward to their newly expanded capabilities in western Canada. “Our principles have seen the company triple in size in the past five years, and it will also see us through in the future ahead,” ends Dawson.

ISA - Information Systems

Toronto, Canada

Kevin Dawson, President & CEO

ISA is a security focused technology firm dedicated to assist our clients in achieving their goals by helping them deal with the complexity of defining and implementing strategies to reduce IT security risk