Nexus IS: Amalgamating Bleeding Edge Technologies

Deron Pearson, CEO
In today’s competitive environment, enterprises are fighting a tough battle to stay at the top of the ladder. Intense competition requires them to be on their A game at all times, complemented by a seamless communication between different resources scattered in different locations. With advanced technologies now a key strategic organizational asset, the need for higher availability, security, and reliability has also increased significantly. Enterprises need to counter challenges ranging from design to implementation to support services. They require more agile IT infrastructures to be more responsive to their various Lines of Business and operate at the speed of a constantly accelerating IT environment.

Helping enterprises achieve seamless communication and highly agile IT infrastructures is Nexus IS, a dynamic provider of end-to-end technology solutions based on consulting services, enterprise networking, collaboration, data center, managed services and cloud. "Our expertise with converged networks, security, wireless, voice, video, data, and Unified Communications, coupled with our strong partnership with technology leaders Cisco, EMC, VMware, NetApp, Apple and Microsoft enables us to deliver a wide range of organizational technologies from a simple telephony system to the most robust IP Call Center networks," says Deron Pearson, CEO, Nexus. The company’s motto is to leverage its extensive experience and expertise, to enable organizations to securely connect, collaborate, and create.
Nexus’s Professional Services objective is to align clients’ organizational and technical requirements through a six phase technology solution lifecycle: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize.

"As our customers continue to make improvements leveraging our technology solutions which range from Collaboration to Data Center to Cloud Migration Strategies and more, we continue to expand our offerings to ensure we can deliver the latest cutting edge solutions that solve key business challenges," says Pearson.

Nexus serves the private sector, from small business to the Fortune 100; and the public sector including state, local, and education. In addition, the company has highly specialized vertical market practices to ensure its customers are provided the most comprehensive and competitive solutions.

The company lays heavy emphasis on being relevant to their customers and manufacturers by investing early in technologies and solutions that are at the leading edge of the industry. Additionally, they invest in top technical and engineering talent in every marketplace that they operate in.

Nexus has grown organically at a compounded rate of over 30% annually since 2004, and will grow over 40% in 2013. With over $450 million in annual revenues, the Company is on track to surpass $1 billion in annual revenues within three years. The company continues to invest in a comprehensive product and service portfolio while capitalizing on opportunities for continued market expansion.

Nexus IS, Inc.

Valencia, CA

Deron Pearson, CEO and Jon Jensen, Co-Founder

A business provider of advanced technology solutions around enterprise networking, collaboration, data center,and cloud architectures; delivered through Nexus’consulting, integration, and managed services offers